23 October 2012 – Final Dissemination Event

Adapting Suburbs for Climate Change: Final Project Dissemination Event

14.00-17.15 Tuesday 23 October 2012, London


How can existing suburban neighbourhoods be best adapted to reduce the further impacts of climate change and withstand ongoing changes? 

Over 80% of people in England live in suburbs and they will experience warmer, drier summers and wetter winters in the future.  By working with local authorities, residents and other stakeholders, the SNACC research project has identified the most effective, practical and acceptable adaptation measures and their delivery mechanisms for different types of English suburbs.


Please come to find out more about:


1.    The vulnerability of English housing to overheating and flooding

2.    The effectiveness of selected adaptation measures to significantly reduce overheating risk now and in the future

3.    The factors that would drive English residents to implement adaptation measures

4.    The existing and potential delivery mechanisms for stakeholders to facilitate suburban adaptation

5.    The challenges and opportunities for implementing adaptation measures in homes, streets and green spaces


This event is free to attend.  Places are limited.  RSVP by 9 October to snaccresearch@uwe.ac.uk


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