April 2010 – Visiting International Researcher Week

UWE recently hosted a Symposium on Climate Change and Cities which brought together 6 international experts from Sweden, Portugal, the USA and Australia to share their knowledge and experiences on adapting existing built environments to deal with anticipated climate challenges. These experts – Trevor Graham (Sweden), Professor Örjan Svane (Sweden), Joaquim Flores (Portugal), Professor Janet Holston (USA), Professor Brendan Gleeson (Australia) and Emeritus Professor Peter Meyer (USA) – shared with the audience their research experiences of climate change adaptation issues and strategies reflecting the state-of-the-art in their respective countries.

The event took place on April 27 at the UWE Conference and Exhibition Centre and was part of a 3-year project funded by the EPSRC entitled Suburban Neighbourhood Adaptation for a Changing Climate (SNACC). The SNACC project seeks to answer the question: How can existing suburban neighbourhoods be best adapted to reduce further impacts of climate change and withstand ongoing changes? The research focuses on adaptations to the built environment, through changes to individual homes and larger neighbourhood scale adaptations (urban re-design).

The Principal Investigator of the SNACC project, Professor Katie Williams (Director of SPE) chaired the Symposium along with the other Co-Investigators – Dr Ian Smith (Director of Cities Research Centre), Dr Rajat Gupta (Oxford Brookes) and Professor Glen Bramley (Heriot-Watt). The Symposium was hosted by the SNACC project team at UWE, representing 3 research centres within the Faculty of Environment and Technology – the Centre for Sustainable Planning and Environments (SPE), the Cities Research Centre, and the Centre for Transport and Society (CTS). The visiting experts identified valuable international knowledge on adapting cities for climate change which will be used to inform the SNACC project about the adaptation capacities within UK suburbs.

Climate Change and Cities Symposium – April 27, 2010

SNACC team with international experts
(Left to right): Glen Bramley, Trevor Graham (Sweden), Joaquim Flores (Portugal), Janet Holston (USA), Katie Williams, Peter Meyer (USA), Robin Hambleton, Diane Hopkins, Brendan Gleeson (Australia), Örjan Svane (Sweden), Ian Smith, Rajat Gupta, Nada Brkljac.

Some of the presentations from the event can be downloaded below:



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